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BLZ Extractor is a tool for retrieving the contents of the Nokia N-Gage game containers (files with 'BLZ' extension). Since these games run not only on N-Gage, but also on other Symbian-based smartphones, they are very popular, keep in mind, however, that you must legally own the game for which you want to use a corresponding blz file. So if you have a Nokia 6630, for example, and want to play a N-Gage game through the blz file (this is the only way in most cases), you must buy the game anyway. But not all that good, installation of these games with the default installer (which you have to run on the phone) is not as fast as you probably want it to be, you have to transfer blz file to the phone (and this is a slow process, especially if you use bluetooth) then you run installer on the device and finally it unpacks the game (this is slow too, because phone in comparison with PC is a very slow device). What's more, all of this requires you to have enough of the available phone memory to hold both blz file and unpacked game data.

With BLZ Extractor you just need to unpack the game on your PC and transfer resulting files (these usually consist of one folder named 'System', which contains all other files) to the phone (to disk 'E' on the device).

That's all, fast and without excessive use of phone memory.


  • Recreation of directory structure contained in the blz file.
  • Extraction of data from the blz file.
  • File association is possible, allowing you to open blz files when you double-click on them in Windows Explorer.


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System Requirements

The program requires a Win32 environment to run and doesn't need anything special, so any PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 installed will be enough.

Version History
  • Initial release.
  • Updated decompression engine.
  • Some internal changes and optimizations.
  • New appearance.


If you are a registered user, you may upgrade at no charge to any newer release of the program. Just download the latest release of BLZ Extractor and install it without uninstalling the previous version. This will preserve your registration.


You may freely use BLZ Extractor for a testing period of 10 days. Following this test period of 10 days or less, if you wish to continue to use BLZ Extractor, you MUST register. After receiving your registration key, enter it in the About|Register dialog box and restart the program. If the registration key is no longer present on your system just re-enter it like the first time and restart the program. If for any reason your registration key becomes invalid or lost just send us an e-mail together with the details of your previous registration. You will receive a new key via e-mail at no charge as soon as we have validated your old registration data.


E-mail: blzextr@implabs.com

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